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Terms of Service of kidscoderlab.pl and Kids Coder Lab – a school of programming for children

This document specifies terms of using the kidscoderlab.pl website and the conduct of programming courses and day camps at Kids Coder Lab Spółka z o.o. with the registered seat in Warsaw at ul. Hlonda 10 U9, registered in the register of entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for the Municipal City of Warsaw in Warsaw under KRS no. 0000698535, hereinafter referred to as the Programming School.

This document specifies the terms of cooperation between the Programming School, the Parents (the parents of children attending courses at the Programming School and the parents who are interested in courses at the Programming School, who use the kidscoderlab.pl website) and the Students (the students enrolled in the courses at the Programming School).


  1. Programming courses are offered as annual courses; the full cycle consists of 30 sessions of 60 minutes each. Courses are conducted during the school year, from September or October until June, with breaks in the holiday season and winter/summer school break periods.
  2. Classes take place at the registered seat of the Programming School at ul. Hlonda 10 U9 or at one of the Host Schools and/or remotely.
  3. The Programming School informs that, in the event of a state of epidemic emergency, state of epidemic or other circumstances precluding or impeding conducting classes in the selected form (in particular: epidemic, health risk, school closure), it has the right to a unilateral change of the form of the classes. The Programming School will promptly inform the Students and the Parents about such change.
  4. Courses conducted online – minimum technical requirements:
    • access to Internet,
    • access to a desktop or mobile computer with parameters sufficient for the installation of Microsoft Teams, and for the programming with Minecraft courses – parameters sufficient for the installation of Minecraft: Education Edition according to Microsoft’s specification.
  5. Courses are conducted on selected days of the week (e.g. every Thursday), taking into consideration breaks resulting from the school year calendar specified by the Ministry of National Education (hereinafter “MEN”) or possibly from the calendar of classes at the given Host School, if different from the MEN calendar.
  6. Courses begin in September or in October, depending on the location, and last in accordance with the calendar until the number of 30 sessions is reached.
  7. The groups consist of a maximum of 12 students. In exceptional cases it is possible to create a group with a higher number of students, in such event the group has a corresponding higher number of teachers.
  8. In the event the date of a single class changes, the Programming School undertakes to notify the Students and Parents about it at least one week in advance.
  9. Each of the proposed courses is described in detail on the product page. A product page contains among others information about the language of instruction, the type of the classes and the gross price for one course year.
  10. In random events (such as an illness of the teacher) the Programming School can cancel the classes with a shorter notice period. Such classes will be rescheduled after agreeing the new date with the Parents of the Students in the given course group.
  11. In agreement with the Parents the School also conducts classes with a lower number of hours than annual courses (less than 30 classes). In such event a price of the course is agreed individually with the Parents.


  1. Winter day camp classes take place from Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The dates of winter day camps coincide with the dates of winter school break designated in the calendar of the MEN for the Masovian Province. Winter day camp classes are for children aged 7–13. The number of children in a group depends on the enrolment; the number of students per teacher doesn’t exceed 10.
  2. Winter day camps are organized in co-operation with sport institutions. Computer and sport classes take place at the seat of La Fontaine school at ul. Wandy Rutkiewicz 2 in Warsaw. Swimming classes take place at the School partner’s facilities (the swimming pool at ul. Gubinowska). The list of partners and the location of the classes are published on the product card of each winter day camp.
  3. The program of winter day camps (thematic classes, trips) and other services (meals) are described on the product card online on www.kidscoderlab.pl/en/. The School reserves the right to modify the daily program in justified situations.
  4. Parents should ensure that Students arriving each day for winter day camp classes have adequate swimming attire (a close-fitting swimsuit, towel, flip flops, goggles), sports outfit for the gym (clothes for gymnastics, sports shoes) and an outdoor outfit (warm jacket, scarf, hat, gloves).
  5. Parents provide information about Students in the online enrolment form and on the day camp participant qualification card. Parents specify in the form whether the Student will be dropped off and picked up (by the Parent or a designated person) or whether the Student will arrive at and leave from classes independently.
  6. Students are obligated to: participated in the planned day activities, respect the property of the School and other Students, follow the instruction of teacher, during classes at School, and on the way to activities outside of School.


  1. The website www.kidscoderlab.pl provides information about the Programming School’s offer – programming courses and winter day camps. Enrolment via www.kidscoderlab.pl may be used by the Parents and other authorized adults acting on behalf of the Parents, hereinafter referred to as Parents. In the event the person enrolling a Student in a course is not the child’s Parents, such person should contact the Programming School to confirm the possibility of enrolment.
  2. Enrolment in programming courses is performed via the online form on www.kidscoderlab.pl. The Parents, enrolling the Student, selects the course or day camp by browsing the product pages. The Parent selects the given course based on its location, day of the week of classes, time of classes and the language of instruction. In the enrolment form Parents provide their contact details and the details of the Student, and confirm they know the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. The School also accepts enrolment through an enrolment form available at the School’s representative.
  3. Course enrolment takes place in September at the beginning of the school year, from the moment the schedule of the Programming School is announced to the moment when there are no more places in the given course group. Upon agreement, it is also possible to join a group during the school year. In such event the Parent receives an individual course fee offer which can be lower than the price displayed on the product card.

Winter day camp enrolment takes place from 1 December of the year preceding the winter day camp to the moment when there are no more places in the given group.

  1. Classes taking place at Host Schools are dedicated first and foremost to all students of the Host School. The Programming Schools reserves the possibility to exclude participation of recruited participants from outside of the given Host School. Possible exceptions need to be confirmed electronically (via e-mail) by Kids Coder Lab in response to the inquiry about the specific course.
  2. In the event the Parents conclude the agreement later than 14 days from the course or day camp start, a condition for signing the agreement is for the Parents to submit a declaration that they agree to the start of service provision (start of the course or day camp) before the expiry of the period for submitting a notice about withdrawal from the agreement.
  3. The Parent is obligated in particular:
    1. to provide only true, current and all necessary information,
    2. to use the services offered by the Programming School in the way that does not disrupt the operation of the Programming School and the www.kidscoderlab.pl website,
    3. to use the services offered by the Programming School in accordance with the applicable rules of law, the provisions of the Terms of Service, and with the social coexistence customs and rules adopted at the given time,
    4. to use the services offered by the Programming School in a way that is not inconvenient for other Parents and for the Programming School,
    5. to timely pay the course or day camp fee,
    6. not to deliver to or share with the Programming School any content that is prohibited by the rules of applicable law, in particular content infringing copyright or personal rights of third parties,
    7. not to undertake actions such as:
      • sending or placing on the www.kidscoderlab.pl website unsolicited commercial communication or placing any content infringing the law (the prohibition to include unlawful content),
      • performing IT or any other activities aimed at obtaining information not intended for the Parent, including data of other Parents,
      • modifying in an unauthorized way of content delivered by the Programming School, in particular the provided prices and course descriptions;
      • abusing the rights granted to the Parents by the Programming School or the rules of law in a way that is contrary to the social and economic purpose of the given law or the rules of social coexistence.


  1. In the event the delivery of the course or day camp order is not possible because the number of Students signed up for and participating in the given course or day camp is too low (less than 8) or too high (over 20 for a damp camp, over 12 for a course), the Programming School notifies the Parent about it and, if possible, about the possibility of delivery of a substitute service, corresponding in the greatest extent to the classes originally selected. If the Parent does not agree to sign up the Student for the proposed course or day camp, the Programming School immediately (not later than within 14 days) returns the fee paid for the course or day camp (including the advance payment) to the Parent via a bank transfer.
  2. The Programming School has the right to terminate the agreement in the event of force majeure (e.g. a natural disaster, long term power shortage, pandemic, destruction of or damage to the building at which the classes take place). In such event the Programming School has the obligation to return the course fee, proportionately to the number of already conducted classes.
  3. The Parent has the right to withdraw from the concluded Agreement within 14 days from its conclusion without providing a reason. In the event the withdrawal is done after the course start, the Parent is obligated to proportionately cover the cost of classes conducted until the day the notification about the withdrawal was delivered to the Programming School. The statement of withdrawal from the agreement should be sent by e-mail (via the contact form on the www.kidscoderlab.pl website or to the address info@kidscoderlab.pl) or by regular mail to the address Kids Coder Lab, ul. Hlonda 10 U9, 02-972 Warsaw, and include the following (or similar) wording: I hereby withdraw from the programming course agreement concluded on [__] for [child’s first and last name].


  1. As part of the programming course at its registered seat at ul. Hlonda 10 U9, the Programming School also organizes the service of picking up the Students from the neighbouring schools along ul. Ledóchowskiej and ul. Hlonda and dropping them off at the classes (and bringing them back to the school).
  2. The Parent who wishes to use this service, should mark the adequate box in the process of course enrolment.
  3. The Parent is responsible for communicating with the institution, which the Student attends, about this and taking care about the necessary authorizations. The Parent is also responsible for providing detailed information about the whereabouts of the given Student at the specified time (classroom, after school club, floor etc.). In the event the Programming School’s representative does not find the Student at the specified place, the Programming School reserves the right to continue gathering the group and moving to the place of classes in order for the entire group to start the classes on time.


  1. The price for the annual class cycle is presented on the product page of the given course on the Kids Coder Lab website, under the programming courses tab.
  2. The condition for the course enrolment is payment of an advance in the amount of PLN 200 with a link generated through the enrolment form to payment via PayPro SA; it is possible to make a payment by payment card.
  3. The second and last payment for the course is made by a date set before the first class for the given course group via the PayPro payment link.
  4. The lack of payment within the above-specified dates without a payment deferral permission in an electronic form (e-mail) sent by the Programming School will result in the agreement termination. In the event the Agreement is terminated, the Parent is obligated to pay the fee in the amount proportionate to the number of classes taken by the Student.
  5. In the event of withdrawal from the course during the school year (for the reason other than relevant circumstances, such as long-term illness, chance events, change of place of residence), course fee reimbursement is not permitted. A change of the form of the classes (in-class or online) is not an example of relevant circumstances mentioned in the previous sentence.


  1. The condition for booking a place on a winter day camp is the payment of an advance in the amount of PLN 150 via a PayPro payment link while enrolling through an enrolment form on the website. The deadline for payment of the remaining amount is January 15.


  1. The Parent is obligated to notify the Programming School about the change to the phone number, address and other information necessary for the contact between the Programming School and the Parent.
  2. The Parent is materially responsible for damages caused by the Student and for this reason takes all the civil law responsibility. Students are obligated to follow the teachers’ instructions.
  3. The Programming School, at its registered seat at ul. Hlonda 10 U9, monitors the premises with the use of CCTV cameras. The rules of storing data from the monitoring are regulated by the Privacy Policy.
  4. The rules concerning privacy and personal data are regulated by the kidscoderlab.pl Privacy Policy.
  5. For the delivery of the course enrolment service the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act are applied (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 827).
  6. The Programming School may amend these Terms of Service at any time for important reasons. Changes to the Terms of Service apply from the moment they are expressly indicated and placed on the Programming School’s website. A change to the Terms of Service does not affect the Agreements already concluded between the Programming School and the Parents, excluding express acceptance of the changes to the Terms of Service.
  7. Consolidating, securing, sharing and confirming to the Parents of substantial provisions of the Programming Course or Day Camp Agreement is performed by sending it to the Parent to the e-mail address provided.
  8. These Terms of Service are binding from 01.07.2020. Changes made to the previous applicable version of the Terms of Service of 01.12.2019 relate to the addition of the provisions of these Terms of Service concerning online classes.

Previous versions of the Terms of Service:

Terms of Service applicable between 1 January 2019 and 30 November 2019

Terms of Service applicable between 1 December 2019 and 1 July 2020

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