Our didactic approach


Our holistic didactic approach to learning emphasises inclusiveness, recognising that children are different and learn according to their abilities. We believe that every child can learn to code as long as we provide them with a safe environment.

Individual approach

We focus on children’s learning outcomes and achievements. Our approach to individual learning encourages children to learn at their individual pace, affording them the opportunity for self-discovery and motivation to learn while having fun.

Structured curriculum

All our courses follow a structured internationalised curriculum based on licensed content developed by professional educators and practitioners in the field of programming. We share our core objectives and learning outcomes for every course with the parents. At the end of each course, we invite the parents over to an open classroom for them to see what practical skills the kids acquired throughout the year.

Blended learning

We make sure that our students acquire the necessary knowledge and are able to explain and demonstrate what they have learnt. To deliver the material, we use a blended learning approach—a variety of teaching methods applied in the classroom, including on-screen exercises, off-screen activities and board games.

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Our offer

pl Enrol now Programming and Robotics

Programming and Robotics

Age 6–7 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
en Enrol now Roblox Lab

Roblox Lab

Age 10–12 Onsite 1 year long English For beginners
pl Enrol now Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

Age 10–12 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
pl Enrol now Adventures with Coding

Adventures with Coding

Age 6–8 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
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