How we deliver

Passionate team

Our staff is composed of qualified teachers who are passionate about technology. Moreover, most of our teachers are also practitioners in the field of programming, bringing a touch of practical know-how to the classroom, and inspiring children to view coding from many different angles.

Convenience for the parents

We plan our courses around your family schedule. Our main office in Wilanów is conveniently located a short walk away from main schools in the area. Moreover, for your convenience, we offer a free Pick & Drop service to and from our Wilanów location. We also teach coding to children in grades 0 to 8 at our cooperating primary schools.

International community

We teach our courses in both English and Polish to create a space for students with different linguistic backgrounds—our contribution to the international community in Warsaw. We use internationally sourced, high-quality materials based on licensed content developed by experts in teaching coding to children. We are continuously researching and updating our materials to reflect trending and relevant topics. And we nurture connections with leading computer science curriculum providers in the world to deliver the best practices available.

Learning diversity

We respect diverse talents and ways of acquiring knowledge. We practice reciprocity and cooperation among students, encouraging active learning. Students conduct peer-to-peer discussions with integrity and respect towards each other, recognising that diverse talents in the classroom bring immeasurable learning incentives. They are also given the opportunity to organise and monitor their work and direct their own learning.

Effective teaching practices

We communicate to children with respect, providing clarity of purpose of every unit, learning goals and explicit criteria. We deliver high-quality lessons that focus on comprehensive knowledge and applied skills for children. Comprehensive knowledge means that students are able to demonstrate the understanding of acquired knowledge by explaining coding concepts in detail and competently. Applied skills mean that students are able to apply acquired skills in coding to new situations. And we routinely conduct formative assessments to provide students with effective and precise feedback in order to give them a sense of fulfilment.

The community of shared values

We provide a safe learning environment where children are welcomed with a sense of belonging. They are encouraged to practice our shared values: inclusivity, respect for others, honesty, accountability, integrity, caring, continuous learning, perseverance, teamwork, creativity, enthusiasm, dialogue, fairness, humour, ambition, commitment, and humility. Every so often we invite children to participate in workshops to expand their learning platform and expose them to other aspects of coding.

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Our offer

en Comming soon Roblox Lab

Roblox Lab

Age 10–12 Onsite 1 year long English For beginners
pl Comming soon Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

Age 10–12 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
pl Comming soon Programming and Robotics

Programming and Robotics

Age 6–7 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
pl Comming soon Programming with Minecraft (Senior with Python)

Programming with Minecraft (Senior with Python)

Age 10–12 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
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