Kids Coding Birthday Parties, Wilanów, Warsaw

Kids Coding Birthday Parties, Wilanów, Warsaw

Kids Coding Birthday Parties, Wilanów, Warsaw


Coding birthday parties combine engaging activities with programming lessons. Birthday children and their guests enter the world of code, perform ambitious tasks, and integrate as a group while having fun. There are three packages available: Minecraft Birthday, Off-screen Coding, Birthday Gifts. It is also possible to arrange birthday refreshments – for children and parents.


Birthday parties with Kids Coder Lab take place at our computer lab in Wilanów, Warsaw (Miasteczko Wilanów, ul. Hlonda 10 lokal u9). We are located just opposite to the British Primary School of Wilanów, between the Wilaboba teahouse and the toy shop.


You can have the birthday party with us on any day of the week. The parties can be planned at least one week in advance. Please contact our secretariat to check the availability of our computer lab and select a date for the birthday party.


Up to 12 children aged 7-12 can participate in our coding birthday parties.


Regarding refreshments, we cooperate with two places in the vicinity of Kids Coder Lab:

  • the Wilaboba&Friends teahouse,
  • the Dominium by Domino’s pizzeria.

Both places are just a few steps away from our computer lab. The Wilaboba teahouse offers special refreshment packages to our birthday party guests, available here. At the Dominium pizzeria, you can order meals from the menu using special discounts for our customers. It is not possible to arrange meals at our computer lab. Refreshments at the teahouse or pizzeria are additionally paid and optional. It is possible to organise the birthday party without refreshments.


The coding classes are 90 minutes long. If the parents opt for the birthday party with refreshments at the teahouse/pizzeria, the tutor can come with the children to the place where refreshments are served and help the parents in taking care of the joyful crowd for the additional 30 minutes. After that time, the party participants are under the care of the parents.


We offer three thematic birthday packages.

Minecraft Birthday

The best option for Minecraft fans. Children will be transported to the cube world which they will design themselves. They will meet in the virtual world to let their imagination run wild, under the care of our instructors. Their adventures take place on a shared server, moderated by the teacher. The class has a selected theme, e.g. an underwater world, a zoo, world capitals.

Off-screen Coding

We recommend this option to younger children who would like to learn coding without computers! The package also has elements of activities involving motor skills. During the birthday party, we use robots to teach coding, boardgames and a coding map. We also suggest fun activities, depending on the age and number of the participants.

Birthday Gifts

A creative class during which guest use the Scratch program on computers to make a birthday card, create a funny story or make simple game for the birthday child. They can also create a project with animations or music. Th birthday child makes a similar souvenir as a thank you for the guests. At the end of the class children can show their works or send them directly to the birthday child.


A coding birthday party for children costs 700 zł. The fee is fixed, irrespective of the number of children participating (up to 12). The fee doesn’t include the cost of refreshments. The arrangements concerning refreshments should be made by the parents directly with the teahouse/pizzeria. We kindly ask you to keep our secretariat updated to finalise organisational details.


To organise a coding birthday party, call 507 790 762 or email

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