Winter with Minecraft

This course offers everything that is fun about snow. Minus layered clothing and the cold.

After the course students:

  • Use the Code Builder and are comfortable using it
  • Use loops, functions, simple commands and calculations
  • Find it easier to work in groups

Course description

During this class students will create a snowball fight arena, organise a competition for the best snowpal, build their own sleigh, and then use all of their new skills to create anything that brings winter to their minds – their only limit is their imagination. And the best part is that most of these things will be created using code, with the help of block-based coding in the Code Builder and the Minecraft agent. Students will learn how to do just that and later they can use this knowledge during other coding courses, not only in programming in Minecraft. Regardless of the students’ knowledge of Minecraft and the class type (onsite or online), our teachers will help them along the way and resolve all their doubts. Ready for some fun in the digital snow?


Class no. 1: During the first part of this class, we build an arena, covers, armory (with snow) and simple machines. During the second part, we test our arena in a snowball fight.

Class no. 2: We build and decorate two snowpals – a small one and one that is several storeys high. Using what we’ve learned, we also build other winter creatures. The only limit is our imagination and the fact that we build mostly with code.

Class no. 3: We organise winter Olympic games. In 2–3-person teams, we learn how to build winter Olympics arenas, and test them.

Class no. 4: We build an ice palace, an igloo or a different building that can only survive in winter conditions. To do that, we use our knowledge acquired during the previous classes.

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