Stencyl Game Lab

Course description

During the course students become familiar with the Stencyl app and its graphical interface. They learn how to use and search for network resources (e.g. graphics, sound effects, objects), useful in game development. They get to know the rules of game development and learn how to make a game from scratch. Students learn how to translate game rules into code using relevant constructions (variables, attributes, conditionals, events, functions and methods). They take the first steps in object-oriented programming. They get to know and use different types of data. They control the game environment using settings or attributes and create simple graphical files for the game.

Advanced block-based programming (in English) is used throughout the course.

After the course students:

  • Program game rules
  • Know the Stencyl environment
  • Apply adequate programming language constructions and data types to achieve their intended goal
  • Configure settings of the game world
  • Program behaviour of the game characters
  • Know how to prepare a game for release
  • Debug and refactor code

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