Graphic Design

Course description

In this course, students learn to combine visual elements and design principles to design visual communication in accordance with the brief. Students learn to first understand the brief, then research, think, imagine, and create a solution. The course emphasizes key principles of graphic design: contrast, hierarchy, alignment, balance, proximity, repetition, simplicity and function. Students learn how to use visual elements such as line, colour, shape, texture, space, form and typography to create graphic designs. And they learn how to design – deciding on or imagining the look and function of something before it is made. This imagination stimulates critical thinking, problem-solving, and practicality. Students mostly work in GIMP, but they will also be introduced to the basics of other raster graphics programs like Inkscape and Photoshop.

After course completion students are able to:

  • Understand graphic design briefs
  • Create a solution that conveys the message in a visual way
  • Combine visual elements to bring an imagined design to life
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving while designing
  • Use various graphic design mediums

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