Wakacje koderów (kurs online)

Course description

This course is designed for students who are now comfortable with reading and ready to launch onto their new coding challenges. We are introducing them to demanding tasks that require using and identifying sequences, multiple types of loops, and conditional statements. During the course students are able to practice different problem-solving techniques and become more efficient in writing more flexible and complex code. They also have a lot of opportunities to edit and fix algorithms. Towards the end of the course they start building their own games that they can share with their friends.

After course completion students are able to:

  • Identify and use different types of loops
  • Use conditional statements
  • Edit and debug more complex code
  • Design their own animations
  • Make their program react to events

Our offer

en Enrol now Programming with Minecraft (Junior)

Programming with Minecraft (Junior)

Age 8–10 Onsite 1 year long English For beginners
pl Enrol now Robotics Lego (Junior)

Robotics Lego (Junior)

Age 6–8 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
en Comming soon Roblox Lab

Roblox Lab

Age 10–12 Onsite 1 year long English For beginners
pl Comming soon Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

Age 10–12 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
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