Robotics Lego (Master)

Course description

The course introduces students to the world of programming through robot building using LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential sets. Students learn new topics from the STEAM areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics. While they absorb sciences in a practical way, they also develop their abilities to construct things, build models based on the instructions and expand them according to their own ideas.

They use blocks and electronic parts, then program them using a visual programming language in a dedicated app. They use programming blocks with word-based commands in the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ app, which has a similar interface to the one in Scratch. Students create, test and improve the programs to control robots, using sequences, loops and conditions.

They work in pairs which allows them to develop the skill of cooperation. They look for creative solutions to the problems, code robots and test the program through trial and error.

After the course students:

  • Apply algorithmic thinking to program robots
  • Use word blocks to create programs
  • Apply programming terms, i.e. sequence, loop, condition
  • Use terms connected with LEGO® Education robotics: Smart Hub, light matrix, colour sensor, motors etc.
  • Use programming to activate the robots: they test programs through trial and error
  • Recognise iterations and diagrams
  • Build robots based on the instructions and construct their own models
  • Are able to run experiments with robots and present the results on the device using text, graphics and diagrams

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