Python App Lab

Course description

During the course students first learn the basics of the Django framework. They work with the Python Interpreter and the Django server, configuring basic app settings. After that they learn about databases. They design simple databases for apps, create links between databases and apps, and build SQL queries. Next they design simple apps and interfaces in the MTV (Model-Template-View) model. They create models of objects, define relations between the objects, and define object methods (possible actions that objects can perform). They use HTML to create website templates used in apps. They apply their knowledge of Python, learning regular expressions to create data views in a browser.

This is an advanced course addressed at students who have mastered the basics of programming in Python and know its structures and various data types.

After the course students:

  • Understand the Django framework
  • Understand the MTV model
  • Design simple databases and join them with the created apps
  • Build simple SQL queries
  • Create website templates using HTML and Django Template Language
  • Select language structures and data types adequately to their designed goal

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