Programming with Minecraft 2 (Master)

Course description

This course is based on Minecraft: Education Edition. Students use advanced Minecraft tools and code for project-based learning to complete assigned programming tasks. They apply infinite loops, and debug the code with conditionals, functions and arrays. Each week they use Code Builder to take up a new challenge. Among other things, students demonstrate the first law of thermodynamics, showing the transfer of potential energy to kinetic energy with a roller coaster in Minecraft. Within Minecraft they also build and illustrate natural systems, such as the water cycle, photosynthesis, or circulatory system, and human-made systems, such as an electrical circuit. The final challenge is the Space Station in Minecraft created in partnership with NASA.

The course builds on Programming with Minecraft (Master). It is suitable for advanced Minecraft coders who are comfortable programming in Microsoft MakeCode.

After the course students:

  • Use the Camera, Book & Quill and Boards in Minecraft: Education Edition to document their work
  • Build a natural or human-made system in Minecraft using code and research the factors affecting it
  • Use the Camera and Portfolio tools to export their project or record a video
  • Design a new module for the Space Station in Minecraft and describe what hypothetical scientific experiments  they will  run

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