Kids Coder Inventor

Course description

Kids Coder Inventor teaches students how to create a web portfolio of projects they build throughout the course. This course uniquely focuses on creativity, problem-solving and project-based learning. Students use text to write code and learn JavaScript commands, functions, and control structures by solving puzzles and writing creative programs.

Course outcomes


  • learn new commands by combining existing commands and defining functions
  • learn how to test conditions and how to repeat commands when a specific condition is true
  • practise using For Loops, While Loops, and If Statements to write complex programs
  • become inventive and experiment with new puzzles that combine the concepts they have learned
  • at the end of this course, program their very own video game using JavaScript

Our offer

pl Enrol now Programming games with Roblox

Programming games with Roblox

Grades 6+ Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
pl Enrol now Code Anywhere

Code Anywhere

Grades 2–4 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
en Enrol now Programming with Minecraft (Junior)

Programming with Minecraft (Junior)

Grades 2–4 Onsite 1 year long English For beginners
pl Enrol now Adventures with Coding

Adventures with Coding

Grades 0–2 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
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