Kids Coder Explorer

Course description

Kids Coder Explorer introduces students to programming in an exciting way by allowing them to build two games. Students explore the use of sequencing, pattern recognition, loops, and conditional logic to create programs. They learn about motion, broadcasting messages, and adding special effects to create scenes, add sounds and music, and use keyboard controls to drive their programs.

Course outcomes

Students are able to:

  • create interactive scenes with actors, scenes and music
  • design animations using loops
  • build algorithms using conditional logic
  • understand scripts running in parallel
  • program music using notes, tempo and instruments
  • create different scenarios and effects in games
  • program fluid motion with keyboard control
  • build physics projects using gravity, impulse, and velocity

Our offer

pl Enrol now Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

Age 10–12 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
pl Enrol now Programming and Robotics

Programming and Robotics

Age 6–7 Onsite 1 year long Polish For beginners
en Enrol now Roblox Lab

Roblox Lab

Age 10–12 Onsite 1 year long English For beginners
en Enrol now Programming with Minecraft (Junior)

Programming with Minecraft (Junior)

Age 8–9 Onsite 1 year long English For beginners
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