Perfect gadgets for Minecraft fans!

Minecraft educates and brings a lot of fun. This is game is so popular all over the world that the number of players who create together this virtual world is staggering. While playing, young Minecraft fans develop their programming skills, learn to manage their resources and improve their mathematical abilities.

And a part of the game can be brough over into the real world – fans of the game can choose from various Minecraft-related gadgets and accessories, and practice problem-solving and logical thinking also off-screen.

Toys for young Minecraft players


The phenomenon of Minecraft is clear already in the variety of game-related LEGO sets available. LEGO has come up with fantastic sets with which children can recreate their Minecraft ideas off-screen. The sets can be combined and expanded. From The End Battle through The Pirate Ship Adventure to The Wool Farm or The Chicked Coop, and even The Panda Nursery – possibilities are endless. The Minecraft world can be quite crazy, and with LEGO blocks children can continue playing in it in real life.

Minecraft LEGO sets (ca.100 zł;


Many children are avid collectors of various items, especially if such items have special meaning – for example they are Minecraft protagonists. Young gamers who love Minecraft will be overjoyed to have their favourite characters in real life. Among numerous figures are Steve in golden armour, Skeleton on fire czy Zombie Villager. The manufacturers have various surprising ideas for these game-inspired figures. The sheer amount of figure themes shows that there is a wonderful community of young people sharing their passion for exploring and modifying the Minecraft world.

Minecraft figure packs (ca. 70 zł)


Children start playing Minecraft already in primary school. And a good gift idea for these young players could be a mascot inspired by a Minecraft character. Creeper, Spider, Cow, Mooshroom, Enderman, Sheep, Ocelot, Zombie, Skeleton are only several of the available, beautifully finished plush toys.

Sword and Pickaxe

Another toy that lets children play collecting resources, invading other worlds and getting achievements is the Minecraft Diamond Sword. Another important tool is the Diamond Pickaxe. Both items are made of EVA foam which is safe for children.

Room accessories

Young gamers will most certainly welcome the idea of transferring their favourite game to their room. And the number of Minecraft-related accessories will let them create a true Minecraft feel at home. They can go for bed linen with the main game protagonists and resources. Then there is also the carpet depicting the Minecraft world, a perfect place to play and have fun. And how about the kitchen accessories which can become one’s favourite gadgets? Tea will never taste as good as from the mug with a shape of a block of diamond.

School accessories


Nothing is as fun as sharing one’s passion with friends, the group of people who understand each other without words. Being part of the community of Minecraft fans can be signalled with some cool gadgets. A perfect idea for every school student will be the item much needed for every journey to schools and back – a backpack. There are backpacks with many Minecraft-related variants, colours and patterns, so young gamers will definitely find the perfect one.

Bagpacks (ca. 150 zł;


Tasty and healthy breakfast will provide strength and energy to acquire knowledge. And how wonderful if the snack also comes in a very original lunchbox.

Lunchbox (ca. 20 zł;

Vacuum flasks

Use a termosu with a Minecraft theme to carry your favourite beverage around – in a showy container and making sure it doesn’t cool down quickly.

Pencil cases

Much needed on every lesson are some writing tools – these can be stored in a fabulous pencil case, which will remind the owner of the adventures from the game. If Minecraft history was one of the school subjects, most students would ace it.

Pencil cases (ca. 50 zł;


An interesting addition for younger players – an album with Minecraft stickers. Not only does it contain over 500 various stickers, but it also includes numerous Minecraft-related titbits, trivia and puzzles.


A great way to show the entire world that you belong to the group of Minecraft fans is to wear clothes with symbols, characters and motives from the game. As music fans wear T-shirts of their favourite bands, so do most faithful players wear T-shirts with Minecraft themes. If the weather is far from perfect, there are always hoodies. And total Minecraft maniacs can add to that caps, socks, and even pixelated sunglasses.

Children’s apparel (ca. 50 zł;

Coding classes

Surely, a gadget or another toy is not always the best gift for a child. A valuable present – one that will expand the child’s knowledge, bring new skills and be remembered for long – is a programming class for children and teens. Coding courses allow children to discover their talents, learn a lot of fun facts from experienced tutors and make the best out of the game.

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